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‘Stock Ideas’ are generated by Invest Shoppe’s research team. We explain in detail the reasons for our recommendations on particular stocks. These reports are prepared with utmost care and understanding about the industry as a whole and the company in particular. We further classify our recommended stocks into four categories – Safe Haven, Force Multiplier, Fruit Bearing and Punters’ Delight. Also included are our mutual fund recommendations based on ‘ADEPT’, our proprietary decision making tool.More
Investalk is the monthly newsletter from Invest Shoppe. It offers detailed technical and fundamental reports on the prevailing market as well as various sectors and stocks. Also it is laced with ADEPT (Analytical, dynamic, efficient performance tracker) for share portfolios and mutual fund schemes. More
Main feature is Morning Update. This bouquet of daily market reports offers investors and traders insights into the stock markets. This report is equipped with numerous stock picks based on fundamental and technical analysis. Ashish Kapur’s market outlook and latest news on stocks are also part of the package.. More 
A proprietary decision making tool, indigenously developed by Invest Shoppe for choosing the best set of stocks/ mutual fund schemes for each individual based on his/her risk profile. More
We review your portfolios and also advice on it as per your risk profile and holding pattern. More